News/upcoming events

October 2013

  • Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh
    Popular repeat of this significant collective exhibition venue.
November 2012

  • Watercolour Course at Palazzo Hedone in Sicily
    Sun, great food and art. Join Marie-Louise's popular painting course at this incredibly inspiring place.
Summer 2012

  • Spoleto, Italy
    Famous for its theatres, museums, cultural events and visual art exhibitions, Spoleto will be the next venue for Marie-Louise’s painting course.
May / June 2012

  • Caledonian Club, London, from May 23rd until end of June
    This is another significant exhibition of Marie-Louise’s works, this time at the “Caledonian“, private members Club in the heart of Belgravia, which was founded in 1981.
May 2012

  • Menier Gallery, London
December 2011

  • Collective art show at Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Marie-Louise will be also joining 2011 exhibition.
November 2011

  • Watercolour Course at Palazzo Hedone in Sicily
    After the successful 2009 course in watercolour painting, Marie-Louise repeats her course this season.
May 2010

  • Collective art show at Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Marie-Louise is exhibiting at the famous Scottish Arts Club, an important social hub of the Arts in Scotland, which was founded in 1872.
November 2009

  • Marie Louise Brulatour Mills is giving a painting course at the Watercolour Week in Sicily. Information here.
    See also the website Art Show.
December 2008

  • Marie Louise Brulatour Mills has seen her art praised from the most renowned of critics:

    “Germogliano i semi degli eventi, in figure ricomposte a scenari dell'anima sotto il colpo di penello che ritocca le rughe della storia mune e diversa. Un raccolto tredipo e uno stratificaticato racconto delle immagini ritrovate per altri quadri,altri e nuovi messaggii; collezione ideale,sospesa a trarrenerle nel libero e meditato accostamento culturale, a riconoscere grata le testimonianza degli artefici e artisti di prima, inscritti nel circolo aperto dal cuneo dell'introspezione.”

    Professor Gianpiero Bellingeri, Docente di lingua e letteratura turca all, Universita Ca Foscari di Venezia 2008
September 2007

  • Artist and historian, Marie Louise Brulatour Mills, flaunts her talent at the Chateau de Fontaine-Henry, whilst paying tribute to the great Frederic II. Her incredible paintings portraying the Holy Roman Emperor, are on display in the castle’s chapel, in the form of an exhibition which runs till September 16th, 2007. Brulatour-Mills’ work is an amazing mixture of East meets West, bringing to life a rare and powerful being through the use of watercolors, collage, and lights and dark hues. An exhibition definitely worth the visit!

  • Marie Louise Brulatour Mills has seen her art praised from the most renowned of critics:

    “In and out of literature, history and art – invitations to partake in a viewpoint – even more intimately direct participation with the artist. These are her calling cards-would you come and see what I see-what I have seen. Join me for a while. No morals here, no lessons, only an inner self evidenced on paper, with mature, not youthful colors. Reflections dominate – or the hymn goes and those are hymns to –“abide with me”. What intimacy portrayed-only engagement, delineation, and a shared enthusiasm the artist’s autobiography.”

    Mitchell Wolfson Jr. Wolfsonian Museum Miami Beach, Florida 2007
August 2007

  • Marie-Louise BRULATOUR MILLS is releasing her first book "Memory & Illusion". Frederick II, as Venice and the Muslim world, represent the inspiration behind this amazing book. As an historian and visionary painter Marie-Louise illustrates and reflects on the times of Frederick II, The Holy Roman Emperor, by telling the story on how Venice and the Muslim world exchanged ideas and harmonized in those days. The book also includes illustrations of the watercolor portfolio of the artist.